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RBA Property is a specialist real estate company with the primary focus of working with potential investors and giving them the support and confidence to become property investors.

RBA Property searches around Australia and sources the best possible investment properties for our clients. We notify our potential clients of the best opportunities in real estate investing.

We follow our sophisticated criteria to screen properties available and only select the ones which pass our stringent tests.  Ideally we would like to recommend properties which are Cash Flow Positive or Cash Flow Neutral, as these require little or no costs to own. The factor which is extremely vital for us in approving properties are the attributes for Capital Growth and future Capital Gain. Cash Flow Negative (Negative Gearing) properties to begin with, which are located in areas of tremendous growth potential are also considered.

The key criteria’s which need to be ticked are:

1. Unique Location. Properties located close to transport, schools, shopping centers, major transport hubs, future infrastructure developments etc

2. Rising Rentals. The rents must increase above the rise in inflation. There should be strong rental demand and continuing pressure on vacancy rates which are below the average.

3. Strong Capital Gain potential. Properties located in good location where there is more demand than construction of properties plus continued migration of people to that area (resulting in low rental vacancy rates) will lead to above average capital growth.

4. Tax effective properties. Properties which have high depreciation allowances and good cash flow become attractive to smart investors

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RBA Property will provide personalised Property Investment Report for FREE

  • Details of our proposed recommendations
  • Reasons for our recommendation
  • Potential cash flows
  • Net outflow or inflow for the investor
  • Local area statistics
  • Property Valuations
  • Body corporate details and
  • Tailored Financial model for each individual investor

RBA Property strives to work on the philosphy of supporting property investors to retire with 4 to 12 investment properties (depending on risk assessment) which combined bring in retirement income of greater than $120,000 per annum in retirement. Every investor has their own retirement income level they are comfortable with and we work with you in order to achive your desired income levels.

RBA Property consults with investors on a regular basis and our investors have their mindset focussed on accumulating property portfolios which enables them to embrace retirement.

The services provided by RBA Property and our Associates are:

  • Investment Property Specialist
  • Licenced Real Estate Agents
  • Property Valuation
  • Property Legal Services
  • Property Financing and Mortgages
  • Developing a Property Investor Mindset
  • Property Financial modelling
  • Property Cash Flows and Forecasting
  • Tax Specialists and Negative Gearing
  • Negative Gearing strategies
  • Capital Growth and CGT
  • Property Development
  • Property Management

RBA Property office is located in Sydney. Our Professional consultants can be contacted during office hours on:

Phone- 0061 2 9144 4470

Sms- +61425339990   (For Overseas Investors and we will call you back)

Fax- 0061 2 9144 4740

Email- info@rbaproperty.com.au

Blog- http://www.rbaproperty.com.au/category/blog

You can follow our latest articles on Property Investing in Australia on our Blog. Please feel free to leave your comments or ask questions. If you have a personal question or scenario you would like to discuss with us please email us on info@rbaproperty.com.au

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